Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Offer Leasing to Your Customers

Today, eighty percent of U.S. companies lease all or some of their equipment. This is particularly true with small companies. They lease on an ongoing basis, enjoying the flexibility 소액결제현금화   and benefits that leasing affords them.


  1. Approvals are quick (under 2 minutes) if under $10,000. Leases between $10,000 and $25,000 can be approved in 2-4 business hours.
  2. The customer can afford to purchase more equipment with leasing because the lease payment is usually lower than conventional financing.
  3. Leasing usually requires a small processing fee and the first month payment in advance, where conventional financing requires at least 20% down.
  4. Their borrowing power is preserved for other business opportunities because lease payments have no impact on a bank credit line.
  5. As they make their lease payments, the company’s credit rating improves.
  6. Leasing gives the customer the latest technology and then lets them upgrade when the equipment has outlived its advantage. Equipment doesn’t stay new.
  7. Lease payments are usually considered a pre-tax business expense (operating expense vs capital budget) and as a result may reduce taxes. Make sure they check with their accountant.
  8. Your customer is protected against fluctuating market conditions with a fixed payment.
  9. Frees up capital for investing. Profits from investments can offset the cost of the lease.
  10. Increases your sales as a business owner when you can offer this type of financing.


New and growing businesses need to add equipment but usually face the dilemma of having limited cash flow. When you offer them the option of Leasing to acquire equipment without a major capital investment, there are real cash-flow advantages. Imagine how your company can benefit if you could provide financing to your clients who otherwise would not be able to purchase your products!


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