HTC Wildfire – Affordable Smart Phone

I am sure that you are dying to own a slot gacor gampang menang smart phone, but most of the smart phones that are now out in the market today are nothing but beyond your budget. Now, there is an affordable one just for you, and not because it is made affordable, that it is nothing like most smart phones that are now out in the market today. Introducing the HTC Wildfire, it is the first smart phone that is made to pocket-friendly.

Now, let us talk about the design of the HTC Wildfire. If you think that it’s ugly, then think again. This phone is nothing even close to being ugly. It is compact and beautifully designed. It is light and small. It weighs at around 188 grams. It may be tiny, but there is nothing tiny about its features.

It has a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen. Even though you want something big like other phones, then I am sorry to disappoint you. It is actually an inch smaller than most android phones out there. lenovo tb x505x But when it comes to looks, the HTC Wildfire is way up there when it comes to beauty. It has bold silver highlights with a matching optical track pad. You can also choose from the wide array of colors – from bronze to cerise. It may be light, but it feels as solid as other smart phones out there.

When it comes to camera, the HTC Wildfire will not disappoint you. It comes with a 5mp camera with LED flash that sits next to it. Its camera lens will amaze you. Video come in 352 x 288 pixel resolution. That is not bad for a tiny mobile phone like this one. Its optical track pad functions as the front panel’s only button. The other commands are controlled by the touch pads at the very bottom of its touch screen panel.

This mobile phone also has a one button volume control on its side, while its power/screen lock button sits on top of the handset near the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Truly, the HTC Wildfire is a no-nonsense and straightforward smart phone. It is a touch screen mobile phone that runs on Android 2.1 and is equipped with the user-friendly HTC Sense UI.

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